Wi-Fi, Networking & Security

In addition to physical layer IT and electrical infrastructure, Datavoice can provide a range of active network solutions. These include network security and switching, data cabinet supply and installation as well as Wi-Fi surveys, deployment and maintenance.

Wireless Connectivity

The world is wireless, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Rock solid Wi-Fi requires planning, detailed design and precise implementation. Datavoice has experience in delivering high performing Wi-Fi networks across multiple sectors, including Manufacturing, Education, Health, Corporate, Hospitality and Government.

Physical Layer Infrastructure

A solid network underpins all aspects of communication and collaboration. Without this foundation, none of our converged technologies can deliver the services you rely on. With extensive experience supplying, installing and maintaining complex network infrastructure across multiple sectors, Datavoice can support your business across the breadth of network requirements.

Network Security

Keeping data secure is of paramount importance, whether it be customer details, or sensitive business documents. Drawing on the experience of industry leaders, Datavoice can assist your business in keeping its data protected and its customers safe.

Other solutions for ICT Services for Business, Enterprise & Government

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