Healthcare Solutions

Datavoice has significant experience in the healthcare sector. Leveraging our core Electrical and Data service competencies, Datavoice has developed a comprehensive range of Nurse Call system installation services, as well as installation and maintenance services for a range of patient management and entertainment systems.



Nurse Call System Installation Services

Working with multiple Market Leading vendors, Datavoice has extensive experience installing and maintaining Nurse Call Systems across the Healthcare Sector, from Nursing Homes to Acute Care Wards.

Patient Management & Entertainment Systems Installation and Support

Datavoice maintains relationships with market leading Patient Management & Entertainment System vendors across the Healthcare Sector, and we have extensive experience installing and maintaining these in Acute Care Wards through to Aged Care facilities.

Specialist Data & Electrical Services for Healthcare

Medical facilities present unique challenges when it comes to critical infrastructure. From Body and Cardiac Protected spaces, to generator backed essential power, and 24×7 Data and Communications Infrastructure, Datavoice has supported Healthcare customers for over 15 years.

Other solutions for ICT Services for Business, Enterprise & Government

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