iPECS from LG-Ericsson is a pure IP communication solution developed with the small and medium size business in mind. Its design is modular so it is easy to grow as your business grows and with a fully distributed IP architecture it provides your business with the latest productivity tools and communication applications where ever your offices or staff are located.

Key Features

  • Networking
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Unified Messaging
  • Unified Communications
  • Call Centre
  • Soft Phone
  • PC Attendant
  • Mobility
  • Conferencing

Call Server

At the heart of the iPECS platform is the iPECS Call Server. This highly reliable purpose built Call Server controls and maintains communications between end-points and shared network resources. It is available in four size configurations (50, 100, 300, 600 and 1200 ports) to suit your business requirements. And if your business is spread across several office locations up to 70 Call Servers can be networked together supporting features such as unified numbering plan, centralised attendant improving the efficiency and effectiveness of inter-office communications.


Modular iPECS Gateways, which easily connect to the Call Server over an IP network, interface to an array of network resources including Primary Rate and Basic Rate ISDN, Analogue PSTN lines, SIP and H323 VoIP trunks, analogue and digital telephones.


The Call Server makes available an extensive set of features. From easy and intuitive to use basics (Hold, Transfer, etc.) to more advanced functions (Incoming Call Distribution, etc.), users easily access features often through a single button on the phone. iPECS offers an array of terminals so each user has the right communications tool for the job. Select from any of the LIP-8000 or LIP7000 series desk-top phones, iPECS Wireless LAN phones, PC or PDA Virtual phones or SLT as appropriate for each user. Even digital phones from your legacy LG-Ericsson system can be used.


LG-Ericsson delivers a range of software applications designed to improve employee productivity and enhance the customer calling experience. ez-Attendant (PC based Attendant) improves Attendant call handling; Unified Messaging speeds handling voice, FAX and e-mail messages; Unified Communication Solution combines voice, video and messaging under a single user interface.


iPECS provides WiFi and IP-DECT mobility options. Set-up a network of WiFi Access Points (APs) for an in-house wireless solution or if a DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony) wireless solution best suits your business environment, the iPECS provides an integrated IP-DECT solution. Both the LG-Ericsson WiFi handset and the DECT handset allow your staff to retain all feature functionality available on their desktop phone, whilst on the move. No more telephone tag, improved response times, quicker decision making are all benefits of making your staff mobile.

CyReport – Call Accounting & ACD Reports

CyReport is a telephony call data logging and reporting system which provides a range of call accounting, reporting, billing and call analysis features designed to help you manage your telephone system. 


CyDesk is a desktop CTI software product which provides a range of telephony features such as answer, hold, re-dial, conference and integration to the iPECS range of integrated voice mail features. CyDesk can be used as a stand alone product, integrated into Outlook or other databases, offering time saving features such as highlighting any number on your Windows PC desktop and right clicking to dial. It is also used in other CyTrack products such as CyCall, CyQ and CyReport ACD Premier.

CyQ - Inbound Call Routing & Queue Management

CyQ is an Inbound Call and Queue Management System offering powerful skills based routing and automatic call distribution with variable announcement management options. The CyQ Manager Screen provides the supervisor a real time screen of all queues and agent activities. They can change agents between queues, force agents on/off breaks etc. Agents log in and out via the CyDesk and reports are generated by CyReport (CyQ package include the CyDesk and CyReport modules).

CyCall - TeleMarketing Outbound Call Management

CyCall is a Tele-Marketing and Outbound Call Management System which provides management and productivity enhancements to Tele-Marketing and all Outbound Call Management Business requirements. It provides a number of outbound dialing options which include “Preview Mode” where the agent is presented with the target details then clicks to dial when ready, “Progressive Mode” where the next target is popped to the agent and dialed after their rap up time and “Pre-Emptive” which uses an algorithm to ensure a call is ready with a reached target as an agent becomes available. (CyCall package includes the CyDesk and CyReport modules).


CyRecord™ is a low cost and simple to use add-on module for CyDesk that provides desktop voice recording with optional integration to desktop applications and your CRM solution. CyRecord can be configured to record messages On-Demand, Randomly or Full-Time. Messages are recorded as .wav or MP3 and stored on your PC or Network Folders. Advanced Features available for CyQ and CyCall Call Centre Applications.

Further Information

Further Information

PDF file LG-Ericsson SOHO Brochure [PDF approx. 424 kb]

PDF file LG-Ericsson IPECS Hospitality Brochure [PDF approx. 2.8 Mb]

PDF file IPECS IP Telephony Solutions for SMB [PDF approx. 2.4 Mb]

PDF file iPECS LIP Handset Brochure [PDF approx. 1.1 Mb]

PDF file LG-Ericsson 24ipe Brochure [PDF approx. 1.9 Mb]