Smart Data Networks

Datavoice provides smart data networks.We can refresh your existing data network infrastructure. Datavoice offers Avaya (formerly Nortel) Data Solutions suite which is capable of meeting any enterprise LAN requirement.

Avaya Data Solutions

The Avaya data portfolio provides core, access and branch office switching, wireless LAN and Access control. Avaya's Data Solutions enable enterprises to build networks that are always-on, providing up to seven times better resiliency; efficient, up to 40% more energy efficient; and scalable, providing up to 20 times better performance than the market leaders. Avaya has augmented or enhanced its Data Solutions product families over the last three years to deliver the most advanced technology available. In the past year alone, the portfolio has made several noteworthy accomplishments, including the introduction of pervasive 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) capacity, the acquisition of Identity Engines technology and becoming the sole vendor to break the stackable terabit barrier.

Avaya's Ethernet Switching products provide complete coverage, ranging from entry-level branch office through premium high-performance wiring closet, to campus core and data center applications.

Core Ethernet Switching

Positioned at the heart of the network, core Ethernet switches provide the aggregation point between users connected to the edge switches and applications running to the data center infrastructure. The core plays a pivotal role, determining overall network availability and performance. Avaya's Core Ethernet Switches are primarily differentiated from others by Switch Clustering technology, which delivers simplified always-on resiliency that extends beyond the switches to empower true end-to-end application availability. Additionally, Horizontal Stacking in the server access layer and lower overall power consumption can lead to energy cost savings, crucial advantages for any enterprise. With our field-proven ability to create networks that are more resilient, needing fewer and less complex elements, the overall network design and build approach of Avaya's LAN switches help ensure the highest levels of performance are delivered in unison with the highest levels of reliability.

Edge Ethernet Switching

Avaya's portfolio of fixed-format Stackable Chassis Switches is the result of the progressive evolution of a number of historically innovative products offering converged data and voice services for the Enterprise Branch and remote sites. Within the last few years, Avaya has completely refreshed the award-winning Stackable product line with solutions that provide greater resiliency, performance, efficiency, and flexibility. A common thread linking the portfolio is our truly resilient, high-performance Stackable Chassis architecture, which leverages Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology (FAST). The stackable architecture is just one of many differentiators making Avaya a leader in data solutions.

Unified Branch

Simplifying the complexity of multi-location networks, Avaya's Unified Branch provides a seamless experience that truly integrates your enterprise branch communications experience. The products in Avaya's Unified Branch portfolio deliver exceptional performance together with a high degree of service consolidation. Avaya Unified Branch products provide enhanced reliability and performance along with tight integration between traditional branch devices such as Wide Area Network (WAN) Routers, LAN Switches, Firewalls, and VPN services. The portfolio also features innovative integration of unified communications functionality with support for third-party compatibility with SIP call servers and IP phones, and a survivable SIP voice platform for the branch.

Wireless Networking

Avaya's Wireless Networking portfolio delivers wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solutions that can meet the challenges of today, tomorrow, and into the future. While wire remains the mainstay of office environments, the enhanced throughput and range that 802.11n offers over 802.11 a/b/g makes WLAN a viable alternative to wired networking for end-user connectivity. The Avaya WLAN 8100 Series is a next generation solution that combines the 802.11n wireless standard with a new and truly unified wireless/wired architecture for exceptional results. The advanced solution delivers wired performance to wireless users, helping lower your total cost of ownership.

Access Control

Avaya's Access Control provides endpoint security innovation that helps maintain end-to-end integrated security in an open, standards-based approach. Being device-agnostic, you can deploy the solution in virtually any existing environment, and offer health scans and robust authorization policies that seamlessly support LAN, WLAN, and VPN infrastructures. In addition to offering a centralized policy engine, the Identity Engines portfolio provides a suite of software-based products that deliver enhanced network access control capabilities including secure guest networking, compliance portal access and reporting and analytics.

Unified Management

Avaya's Unified Communications Management (UCM) provides comprehensive network management capabilities across data and voice, and wired and wireless networks, utilizing a set of Common Services that serve as a foundation for unifying management applications. Common Services allow for common components (such as user data, database information and certificate management) to be shared without repeating the same definitions and configurations for each application. The portfolio offers single sign-on and a common look and feel, which helps ensure easy and secure access while reducing the training requirements associated with learning each management application. The result is an easy-to-use, fully integrated, one-stop-shop management portal, providing a unified view of the network, while streamlining workflows and reducing installation, configuration and troubleshooting time, system operations and maintenance. UCM simplifies the management of faults, installation, configuration, performance, IP Flow, QoS policies, telephony and messaging.

Key Facts

Avaya's Data Solutions are found at the heart of mission-critical networks around the globe including the world's top banks, airlines, healthcare and education institutions and U.S. Departments of Defence. Avaya's Data Solutions business is trusted by many of the most prestigious companies in the world. This trust is made evident by the fact that:

  • Avaya is the only company to ship both 80 million voice lines AND 80 million data ports
  • Avaya has the second largest core switch installed base in the industry at 2.7 million ports
  • Avaya delivers the most advanced line of newly refreshed stackable switches in the industry with 22 million ports sold in the last four years

Avaya commissioned The Tolly Group, an independent research firm, to determine how cost-effective Avaya Data Solutions can be. They tested a series of scenarios including Campus LAN and Branch Office WAN. The results prove Avaya's ability to build networks that are inherently more efficient, effective, and have superior ROI than competitor products. Taking into consideration the costs typically associated with deploying and operating a network, Avaya consistently delivers exceptional value when compared side-by-side to the market leader. Read the report

  • Up to seven times more resiliency
  • Up to 20 times better performance
  • Up to 50% better TCO
  • Up to 40% more energy-efficiency
  • Pioneered best-practice design, saving 1/3 equipment

Further Information

PDF file Avaya Data Solutions Overview [PDF approx. 588 kb]

PDF file Avaya Stackable Chassis Fact Sheet [PDF approx. 692 kb]

PDF file Test Report: Avaya Data Network Solutions [PDF approx. 372 kb]



We can build your network. Datavoice has the skills through its cabling division to build your new network from the ground up. We have the skilled staff, industry certifications from Krone, Molex, Siemon and Panduit and the experience in office fit-outs and refurbishments to ensure your new data network is delivered certified and on time.

Datavoice can provide:

  • Integrated voice, video and data cabling solutions
  • Optical fibre cabling solutions
  • Cable reticulation and support systems, including cable tray, cable duct and catenary support systems.
  • Quality inspections and audits of installed cabling solutions

Datavoice also provides electrical services:

  • General lighting and power
  • Earthing systems
  • UPS installations
  • Lighting control systems

Video conferencing was often considered a technology of the future, but it's real, and it's here today. Videoconferencing has made significant inroads in business, education, medicine and media with real time face to face interaction.Collaboration also provides the ability to share presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images – even desktops. Well over 50% of communication is visual, and this technology allows vastly improved relationships between customers and colleagueseven in remote locations (thereby reducing travel costs)..

Avaya Scopia

Experience exceptional video conferencing in any environment with a complete range of dedicated video conferencing endpoints. Leverage leading, powerful video communications technology to deliver an unparalleled video collaboration experience, from immersive telepresence, to conference room systems, to desktop and Smartphone applications.

Achieve excellent video performance in real-world network conditions—crisp, smooth video quality with resolutions up to 1080p/60fps. Avaya Scopia has overcome the cost barriers of video by implementing state-of-the-art technologies like H.264 SVC, H.264 High Profile, and NetSense -- all of which combine to deliver the highest quality HD video conferencing experience (1080p/60fps) at the lowest cost. Scopia is able to shrink bandwidth consumption from 30-50%, which lightens the load on your video network. Scopia is changing the way people connect.

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Smart Data Networks

Datavoice provides smart data networks. We can build your network. Datavoice has the skills through its cabling division to build your new network from the ground up. We have the skilled staff, industry certifications and the experience in office fit-outs and refurbishments to ensure your new data network is delivered certified and on time.
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We can refresh your existing data network infrastructure. Datavoice offers Avaya (formerly Nortel) Data Solutions suite which is capable of meeting any enterprise LAN requirement.
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And after your new LAN is built we can empower your enterprise to monitor and manage real time communication performance through our unique voice and video quality monitoring solution, Psytechnics Experience Manager.
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Datavoice provides Contact Centre solutions for small and medium enterprises which support a full range of client contact – voice, email, webchat, outbound and self service.

One Multimedia Queue

The multimedia contact centre is a reality and one that can harness productivity gains for your contact centre as well as enabling your customers to communicate in the way they find most convenient. Voice, email and webchat contacts can be prioritized in a single queue and delivered to agents through a single Unified Agent Desktop. Real time voice can be routed ahead of webchat which can in turn be routed ahead of email. Alternately using skills based routing different types of contacts or different types of calls can be routed to the most appropriate agents.

Web chat is a particularly effective method of dealing with a customer demographic as well as enabling Contact Centre to change the traditional 1:1 ratio of customer: agent contact. This is because an experienced agent may be handling as many as six concurrent webchat sessions.

Outbound Contact

Sometimes you have to take the first step to engage your customer or alternately an option can be provided in your queueing treatments for callbacks – this is where Outbound comes in. Once a customer list of any kind is loaded into your outbound campaign, calls initiated by an Outbound dialer can be placed to agents on successful answer. Outbound contact can be integrated and prioiritised into existing queues or dedicated agents can undertake outbound campaigns.

Virtual Contact Centre

Agents can be located anywhere on the enterprise IP network as powerful reporting tools can measure performance regardless of location. This means dedicated contact centre locations are no longer required. Your contact centre is wherever it makes the most sense for your enterprise.

Self Service

Many routine transactions can be handled by sophisticated self service platforms freeing up your human capital to deal with the most important issues.

Self service is no longer limited to simple touch tone phone key entry. Today voice enabled IVR can understand the utterances of an incredible variety of speakers from different backgrounds. Where compliance is a key issue customers spoken input can be recorded and biometrically verified if necessary.

Further Information

Datavoice provides customer contact solutions for small and medium enterprises based on both NEC Q-Master and Avaya NES Contact Centre (formely Nortel Contact Centre 7) Express platforms. To find out more please contact us.

PDF file NECQ-MasterBrochure